Three Abbotsford seniors celebrate 100th birthdays together


Some people might know 300 as the popular 2006 action movie re-telling of the Battle of Thermopylae.

On July 20, Tabor Village hosted a different 300-type event, as three Abbotsford residents all celebrated reaching the century mark.

There may have been a little less production than the movie, but the gathering was just as memorable for centenarians Gwen Gregorig, Velma Uren and Helene Franz along with their family and friends.

Franz said making it to triple digits didn’t make her feel any different. “I still feel like a spring chicken,” she said.

Each woman was given certificates from Mayor Henry Braun on behalf of Abbotsford city council.

The three women were asked what meaning life has given them which they could impart to future generations.

“[It’s] to love one another,” said Gregorig.

Uren was asked what the secret to her long life was.

“Fresh air, good food, hard work and appreciating what you have,” she said.

Instead of gifts for themselves, the women are asking for donations to Tabor Village’s new complex-care “Centre for Living” residences.

To help them celebrate, visit and file any donations under “100th Birthday Celebrations.”