How solitaire supports brain dexterity


Improving your mental health is just as important as improving your physical health. While physical exercises and proper dieting are great for keeping your body in shape even as you age, playing online games like solitaire is highly beneficial to your brain.

The entertainment derived from playing card games is just one half of a whole with the other half being improving your brainpower. The classic game of solitaire is much more than just a game of cards and random numbers. It’s a mental recreational exercise that leaves a positive impact on your cognitive skills over time. By carefully arranging the shuffled cards into their correct orders, it gives you a peek at just how active your brain would get while playing.

Rather than spend your free time in a boring way, playing one of the many different variants of solitaire like Baker’s Dozen is a more productive activity. You’ll avoid your mind wandering into negative thoughts—which is a common occurrence when you’re idle—instead, you’ll be keeping it busy while improving your mental focus through different card movements. Winning a game of solitaire requires concentration and this skill would improve with each gameplay.

Luck isn’t an effective strategy when playing solitaire. You need a solid plan, and to build one would require rational thinking. Therefore, you must always think carefully about any move you intend to make before executing them. Once you have the right strategy mapped out, you’re able to easily place all the cards into their foundation pile and win the games. In all, this game has one of the easiest routes to victory once you get a hang of all the necessary rules and regulations.

While solitaire is not nearly as complex as playing chess, it still requires you to plot every move. Mastering these different strategies to win the game is bound to improve your intellectual capacity and this would be useful in a real-life scenario. 

In conclusion, playing solitaire can improve your brain health by actively helping your brain create newer neural connections during gameplay. One disclaimer though would be its addictiveness as you’re bound to keep coming back for more.