Vancouver lands on global list of hottest Pride festivals to visit in 2019


Got pride?

HomeToGo, the world’s largest search engine for vacation rentals, has unveiled the top 50 hottest Pride festival destinations and Vancouver ranked in Canada’s top 10.

The ranking considers a number of factors including: excellent travel connections, a growing Pride festival, vibrant LGBTQ+ nightlife, LGBTQ+ friendly laws and affordable accommodation.

Vancouver ranked fifth in Canada as well as 40th worldwide, beating out Amsterdam, London, and many other well-established festivals. What’s more, for the first time, Canada has five of the top 50 Pride festivals in the world, including Fierté Montréal and Ottawa Capital Pride.

The index also notes that Vancouver and Montreal were the first cities in Canada to host an official Pride march in 1979.

São Paulo, Brazil placed first, followed by Mexico City in second and Madrid, Spain in third. More than half of the cities in the 2019 ranking are European.

“We are excited to discover a trend of YoY growth in searches for these 50 destinations during their Pride celebrations. More and more travellers are choosing to take part in Canadian Pride celebrations — and making a vacation out of it,” said HomeToGo’s head of inbound marketing, Joanna Booth.

“We hope this ranking will inspire travellers to join the parade, immerse themselves in the local culture, and find new and exciting destinations to celebrate Pride this year.”

Top 10 Pride festival destinations around the world 

  1. São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Mexico City, Mexico
  3. Madrid, Spain
  4. New York, USA
  5. Paris, France
  6. Bogotá, Colombia
  7. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  8. Milan, Italy
  9. Sitgas, Spain
  10. Barcelona, Spain