Proposed Vancouver pot retail aims to serve thousands of West End seniors


A weed retailer is planning a store on Vancouver’s Robson Street with a specific market in mind.

It’s the “thousands of seniors in the West End”, according to Inspired Cannabis Co.

Inspired Cannabis made this declaration in an operational letter to the City of Vancouver, which forms part of its development application for 1710 Robson Street.

The letter indicates Serge Biln and Jessse Dhami as owners.

According to the letter, thousands of seniors in the West End are “exploring cannabis to help them with pain management and other health therapies”.

The company suggested that it knows this situation because it has the same owners and management as the chain of community pharmacies that owns one pharmacy across the road at 1747 Robson Street.

According to Inspired Cannabis, the pharmacy is filling prescriptions for 2,000 senior citizens per month.

“Since cannabis was legalized in October 2018, many of these senior citizens have indicated interest in cannabis, and have sought advice from our pharmacists,” the company wrote in the letter.

If the pot store is allowed to open, it can work to complement the care seniors receive from the pharmacy.

“Our knowledgeable pharmacists can advise our current clientele at The Pharmacy on whether cannabis use is permitted in combination with their prescription medication, dosage, and on which cannabis products will suit their needs,” Inspired Cannabis wrote.

The company also stated that it aims to become the “trusted local cannabis retail store [for] senior citizens in the West End”.