Vancouver-based firm ReconAfrica touts massive oil find in Kalahari Desert, near world heritage sites


We’re not here to flip it,’ ReconAfrica’s Craig Steinke says of his Vancouver-based firm’s development of a massive onshore oil deposit under and alongside part of the Kalahari Desert. ‘We do envision this as a potentially very large resource that will help industrialize the country.’ Photo by Oye Creative Studio

A small oil and gas exploration company headquartered in Vancouver is drilling into what it believes could be a massive onshore oil deposit under and alongside an ecologically and culturally important swath of the Kalahari Desert in northeast Namibia and northwest Botswana.

ReconAfrica says its find could prove to generate 100 billion barrels of oil and gas, a quantity roughly equal in volume to the proven oil reserves of Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates. But its exploration area is found in a region also home to two United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization world heritage sites and a trio of national parks, something that has prompted concerns from international and environmental organizations.