Vancouver police seize $145,000 in traffic stop believed linked to drug trafficking


The province seeks to have forfeited $145,000 in cash suspected of being linked to drug trafficking seized by police from an SUV during a traffic stop in Vancouver.

In B.C. Supreme Court on Dec. 8, the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Office filed a notice of civil claim against the cash as proceeds of crime.

“The money is proceeds and an instrument of unlawful activity,” says the forfeiture claim.

The driver of the SUV was Suk Hwan Han who, a year earlier in June 2019, faced weapons charges in a major investigation led by Alberta police meant to halt B.C.-Alberta cross-border drug trafficking, Postmedia News reported at the time.

According to the new forfeiture suit, Han’s last known address was in Edmonton.

On Aug. 28, Han was driving a rented 2018 GMC Yukon when Vancouver police (VPD) made a traffic stop of the vehicle around 11 p.m. on Kingsway near Knight Street.

According to the forfeiture suit, when the VPD determined that Han had recently been charged with possession of a firearm in a vehicle in Edmonton, the police conducted an “officer safety search” of Han and the vehicle. Police can conduct searches to ensure the safety of the police or the public.