Letters Dec. 3: Beacon Hill Park not that bad; questions about heritage


A recent letter asked readers to believe that anyone opining publicly that residential schools brought benefits to students is “the equivalent of Holocaust deniers.”

In question is an Abbotsford school assignment requiring students to collect some positive stories about these schools on websites listed in the assignment and ones they find on their own.

The websites cited acknowledge the suffering of some students while asserting the benefits for others, using native sources.

In my 40 years of journalism I had no difficulty finding positive as well as negative stories. At the hearings here in Victoria, residential school survivors admitted their parents sent them willingly so that they would be adequately clothed and fed.

Certainly the feigned hysteria attending attempts to report more than one side of the story suggests it will be at least a generation from now before a balanced approach will be possible in the “woke” culture of either higher or lower education.

Steve Weatherbe


Beacon Hill Park is just not that bad

The litany of complaints about Victoria city council is repeated so often and includes such extravagant inventions that even this progressive wonders if there’s not something to it.

Living near Beacon Hill Park I suspect I must be one of those people who have, according to a recent letter writer, “had their lives ruined” because council has been “turning a blind eye to criminality, and essentially making large portions of our urban parks inaccessible.”

Surely I’m like the multitude of Victorians who are “becoming more nervous in their own homes and about venturing outside.”

This morning – like every morning, and many afternoons – my dog and I took our lives in our hands in a walk through Beacon Hill Park.

Oh the horrors! We were forced to dodge around peacock poop that had rained down from the Garry oaks. Step lively over tree limbs downed by the previous day’s winds. Confronted by a poor fellow trying to reorganize the shambles of his home. Turns out, he just wanted to offer a genial good morning.

Fear is rampant these days. Let’s not exaggerate it by propagating imagined gripes. Above all, let us be human and recognize humanity in others. To my mind, that’s an essential characteristic of progressives.